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Drug Awareness

The John Boghosian Memorial Scholarship Fund

Links to several informative Drug Addiction websites:




Anabolic Steroids

Other Drugs

Drugs of abuse and related topics

It is astonishing that with the amount of information out there, young people today still experiment with their lives and try various drugs. Drugs are an escape from reality, but when the high is over, reality sets in. If you experiment or you know someone who does, please seek help. This websites is linked above to show you some very important facts about drug addicitions and abuse.

Our family lost John because of drug addicition. In his memory, we have set up this scholarship to help young people continue to learn about music just as John loved to do. We also want to be educators on the effects of drug abuse on the abusers as well as their family and friends.

If you or someone you know uses drugs, please get help. It is not something to be afraid of admitting. The coward is the one who continues to abuse. Your friends and family will thank you for it.