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The John Boghosian Memorial Scholarship Fund

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In memory of our son, brother, uncle and friend, The John Boghosian Memorial Scholarship was founded to assist young people reach their musical goals.

John teaching

John was a great teacher and was a mentor for young teens and adults learning about the music industry. As you can see from the picture above, his passion for music spread from young children to the professional talent listed in John's Discography.

Our Mission

The purpose of this non-profit is to assist young musicians in achieving their musical goals. If you are in the high school band, high school chorus, you play the guitar in a garage band, you run the sound board in your high school or church stage productions, or if you are into music and want to further your career, we offer this scholarship to you. We awarded the first scholarship in 2005.


We are very appreciative of all donations. Without your help, this scholarship could not work. We are a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductable. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please email us by clicking the link below for further information on donations and a member of our family will contact you.

Please send donations in check form to:

The John Boghosian Memorial Scholarship Fund
122 Equest Drive
Canton, Georgia 30115


Scholarship News

These are the receipients thus far:
2005 - Ms. Randyll Wendl
2006 - Ms. Rachael Hahn & Ms. Rosie Rice
2007 - Mr. Sean Minutella
2008 - Ms. Danika Lindsay
Congratulations all of you and we thank the sponsors that have made their dreams come one step closer.

The John Boghosian Memorial Scholarship Fund
Federal Tax ID#: 20-2778789

Questions or comments? Get in touch with via email: jodyschiltz@yahoo.com

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